Smart Water Awards | Smart Water Award Categories
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Smart Water Award Categories


Innovation Award

The Smart Water Innovation Award recognises an organisation that has fostered innovation to:

  • solve a significant environmental and or water resource related problem
  • develop a product, solution or service
  • undertake research or trial applications
  • share, communicate and ensure acceptance and take up of new knowledge, technology or research
  • improve manufacturing or business processes and, or
  • improve sales, promotion and product/service delivery.
alliancing award

Alliancing Award

The Smart Water Alliancing Award recognises organisation(s) that have demonstrated collaboration, engagement and or teaming to;

  • solve a significant environmental and or water resource management related problem
  • access new market/s
  • develop a new product, solution or service
  • undertake research and, or trial applications
  • bid for a project or tender (irrespective of outcome)
  • developing new business agreements and or partnerships (such as an MoU or other arrangement) to enable future growth and business
  • address a specific industry issue (e.g. market knowledge, skills development, promotion) and, or
  • create and foster a teaming and collaborative culture.

Business Development Award

The Smart Water Business Development Award recognises an organisation that has demonstrated that over the last 12 months it has made a change to business that will result in growth or development through;

  • accessing new markets (both local and international)
  • developing new products and/or services
  • delivering a significant new project, research or initiative
  • increasing sales and/or service delivery and, or
  • developing and implementing new business processes and/or models.

The Business Development model is NOT just looking to reward those companies that have grown their revenue or FTE’s – but instead have demonstrated that they have put in place changes that are leading to growing a sustainable and profitable business in the future.


Environmental Impact Award

The Environmental Impact Award will be presented to an organisation that has demonstrated an outstanding environmental initiative that has made a substantial contribution to their business, local environment or a broader sustainability issue. This may include;

  • reducing water use
  • improving water quality , and or
  • reducing waste and/or energy use.

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is presented to a person deemed to have made a major contri­bution to the water industry sector either through actions or the implementation of water related programs of the highest significance to the community at large.

Previously known as the Chairman’s Award, the Leadership Award is open for members to nominate an individual for their work in the Australian water industry.